Milk, Good Or Dreadful? Part I

Published: 11th April 2008
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Here is a question causing the controversy and whose answers will be as varied as the number of people answering!

In France, an article published by the Parisian newspaper starts again the controversy. The article treats of a book published by Thierry Souccar, journalist, editor and biochemist of formation.

Inside its work Thierry Souccar swears, scientific interviews and the aid, that "to eat additional than two dairy produces according to daylight could appear fatal because health".

He still specifies: "Originally and genetically, the human being is not made up to consume dairy products. Some among us adapted. Studies show however that 75% of human do not have lactase, this enzyme necessary to digest lactose of milk. The idea is not to occur from dairy produces, but to consume some less. What the dairy industry does not say, it is that one finds also calcium in fresh sardines, almonds, parsley, water or shrimps ".

The official feelings, according to the statements of Prof. Serge Hercbert, director of study to Inserm, "this diabolisation of milk could troth unsafe: it is additional dangerous not to consume complete of it ". Because its allotment, Prof. Merry Henri, cancer expert inside the Faculty of Treatment of Montpellier (France), announces: "that it could troth fake to utter that milk is a carcinogenic product. It is basic but to pay notice to the abuses. Three or four dairy merchandises according to daylight, it is overly plenty of "It is critical to firstly brand a difference between milk also to whatever single demands the dairy produces, that suggests merchandises derived enjoys milk (yogurt also to cheeses). It is basic but to pay notice to the abuses. A lot of naturopaths or naturopathes allow a some location, inside minute amount, and dairy produces or arrangements containing milk.

Previous reacting the query if milk should or not troth ate, I desire to attract the notice to the detail that milk is a diet also to not a sip. It should therefore never troth ate at the occasion of a meal containing of different proteinic diet (meats, chicken, fish, freak, general beans, etc).

Previous reacting the query if milk should or not troth ate, I desire Because the majority of the naturopathes, the consumption of milk is to troth addressed, distinctly because the cyprian. The basic reasons rang upon and this prohibition are that milk supports the sequence of mucus, that the cyprian achieves not create any additional lactase, an enzyme basic to the digestion of milk also to that it acts of a diet overly rich inside saturated fats.

Inside indirectlys and mucus there are nonetheless no formal interviews to aid this commission. Other than according to the test of Physician J.P. Desmets member of the coworker of the naturopathes of Quebec, the kids and the catches and a chilly, cough or asthma, spot their claim worsening while they consume milk, whereas it improves while they cease eating many.

I will provide you inside my subsequently article additional exact hints of the thoughts on the advisability of eating or mention of milk, I will mention you hereafter the guide of behold of many documented physicians or naturopathes .

I create as well another article as for the milk: Can people meditate that milk with 2 percent fat proportion is nutrient not highly copious in fat? you must take the proof in this article that the usance of milk curtailed this is a skim milk has to be circumscribed. If you like dairy wares this is tolerably advisable to pick a yoghourt with Zero percent fat content: Milk Fat Content

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