What is the primo diet to slim?

Published: 25th May 2008
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All the authors of diet would tend to claim that their program of weight loss is the best!

Personally I divide the opinion of the researchers of the University of Tufts which concluded that to have the most important success this is not the contents of the diet, but if this is what is appropriate for your temperament and your personality, that means a diet that you can follow without difficulties, without having the impression to make an effort or a sacrifice.

They studied 160 people during one year, who followed one of the 4 most popular diets: the diet of Dr. Ornish, of Dr. Atkins, the Zone of Barry Sears, and the Weight Watchers program. The goal of research was to determine the assiduity of the participants to follow the program. The rates of abandon (leave) over one year were the following:

Ornish: 50%

Atkins: 48%

Zone: 35%

Weight Watchers: 35%

For the people who had the assiduity and continued the program on the complete year, the results were similar, it do not matter the followed diet, that is to say 25% of the participants lost 5% of their body weight and 10% lost more than 10% of their body weight.

The benefit on the parameters of cardiac health were also similar with a significant decrease of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and a reduction in the rate of insulin presents in blood.

These results indicate to us that finally these four diets allow to lose weight in so far as one follows the plan over one sufficient period of time.

Another study of the University of Missouri, in the United States consisted in lending a dog to each participant, in a case for 26 weeks, another case for 52 weeks.

The hints wconcerning incite citizenry to leave their home also to to walk a day. Majority of the participants were not inside excellent fitness also to skilled of corpulence (fatness).
The consequence were the following: the participants who older themselves entrusting the duty of a puppy throughout 50 weeks missed about to happenual 7 kilos (15,4 lbs), which is a consequence certainly over those acquired by the certain detected nutrients.

Because aspects the participants who lodged a puppy throughout 26 weeks, they didn't lose fat.

30 years ago of that, Doctor Jean-Pierre Desmets managed the Marcel Rouet Psycho-Center in Brussels. One applied a program based mainly on the mental control of the appetite. One also recommended to the patients to begin the program by a diet holding account from certain food combinations, without prohibition or limitation of food group. One used also a treatment using the capacity of essential oils.

The results obtained were spectacular and the Doctor Desmets described, twenty years ago of that, the complete program in a work which had been ordered for the US market and English speakers.

To return from there to the question of which is the best program of weight loss,I am return' in thus return to the conclusion of the study described at the beginning of this chronicle, the best program is that which you will be able to follow without constraints. That which corresponds to your temperament, a program which does not require a restrictive discipline of you and which you could find difficult to follow.

He does not believe much in the programs which put a too large emphase on the calculation of calories and limit allowed food. Its experiment in this field showed that it is not necessary to follow a mode of famine to lose weight, quite to the contrary. A good program will not be too restrictive, it will make it possible the person to eat with his hunger and to find his instinct of food favorable to health and the maintenance of a standard weight.

A good program will support the relaxation and the control of the stress, a large person in charge of the catch of weight, it will also support the movement and the exercise, but in a natural way and without that being an excess of efforts very often above the physical capacities and the mental will of the person seeking to lose weight.

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